Monday, 6 January 2014

Bricked Or Dead Spice Pinnacle Pro Mi-535

If you device is bricked or dead then here is the method to fix it..

Download SpiceMi-535 Stock Rom and extract it in separate folder, then download SpFlashTool and extract it in separate folder, then dowload Mt6589_Android_scatter_emmc_Pmt and SpiceMi-535Preloader and copy these two files in extracted SpiceMi-535 Rom folder.

Now run spflashtool from extracted folder then on the right side click Scatter File and browse to extracted SpiceMi-535 Rom folder and select  Mt6589_Android_scatter_emmc_Pmt and click ok..All the files will be loaded in  SpFlashTool, now click the Download button above in SpFlashTool and now remove the battery from your phone, after removing your phone's battery connect your phone to pc by usb cable, after connecting your phone to pc now insert the battery in the phone and the process of flashing the stock rom will start, at first you will see red line in SpFlashTool then some purple and yellow then finally you will see green circle which means the flashing process over. Now remove the cable and remove the battery, then insert the battery and switch on you mobile wait for complete boot... that's it your bricked phone is back to life.





Follow the same above method to flash stock rom on your device.

Developers can Join Spice Mod™-Group for SpicePinnacle ProMi-535 on Facebook

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